It begins within you!

I’m sorry but please know that nobody is ever gonna take responsibility of yours. You need to drag yourself out of darkness to live again. You need to wake up at 5AM and start running and let go of every negative thought. You need to make yourself a good breakfast that would be a great start to your day. You need to complete the work which is lying on your desk from days. You need to make a goal list and start working for them. You need to take care of yourself. You need to take care of your health. You need to take care of your soul, heart and mind. You need to take care of your happiness. You need to take responsibility of each and everything that goes wrong in your life. If something’s if bothering you, you need to take a step to get rid of it. Everything has to be done only by YOU! Take a step right now!


It’s never too late!

A lot of mixed emotions comes at once and you exactly don’t know what should you focus on first. You start to doubt your decisions. You start to doubt yourself. You have been always sure about one thing but then a day comes where you feel like, you have been doing wrong for all this time. Suddenly you don’t know what’s happening in your life. Everything starts becoming a chaos and you just want to shut it for a while. You feel so passionate about something and then suddenly you feel like that’s not what you want to do. You want something else, something new and exciting. And trust me, if you feel even a bit like this, Take out time and start to focus on yourself more and more. Start analysing your interests, passion and everything. It’s never too late to make a change which will make you a better person.

Self love is a necessity and not a medicine!

Self love is a necessity and not a medicine.
When was the last time you did something for yourself out of love? Do you remember the last time where you ate the cake on which you were drooling over? When was the last time where you danced on your feet in your room just because life was being great to you? When was the last time where you just smiled and said to yourself, “I have come a long way I am so proud of myself”.? Self love is not just ignoring what people say and just doing whatever you like but it’s also but how you treat yourself everyday how do you make yourself happy everyday. How grateful are you for the small achievements you earned everyday. Self love is more than you think. It’s about how you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Self love is something you have to practice everyday and not just when people hurt you.

Our Generation!

I don’t understand our generation at all. I see that people leave their friends because they had small fight or a misunderstanding. People get angry on their parents when they are guided by their parents. People break up just because they are not ready for a serious relationship.

People don’t know where they are heading to in life just because they don’t know about their goals clearly. And if some people know about their goals they aren’t willing to take steps towards it because they want to enjoy “the moment” and just go with the flow. What they don’t understand is life isn’t about going with the flow, it’s about how you prepare yourself for each step you are taking. It’s about being disciplined in life.

Now a days I see that people don’t understand how important is to be disciplined in life. Let me tell you something, every person who has succeeded in life was disciplined. The only conclusion I can say is most of the people don’t want to make efforts at all to achieve anything, they just complain about everything and leave upto destiny.

Understand please!

Now a days I see people say to each other like ‘You have changed now a days’ or ‘Why aren’t we talking like we used to?’ or ‘ Why have you distanced yourself from everyone?’ and the list goes on. Remember that sometimes people needs to be away from everyone for a while. It’s not purposely done by them. It’s a need. A basic need. And that’s called personal space. People need time to clearly about what’s happening around them. They need to know about themselves better. They need to know where their energy is going. They need to know who they really are. So don’t blame them or yourself that they act like this. If next time someone needs time for themselves, don’t be rude and give them time


There are some days when we face a failure. A failure in studies. A failure in a relationship or failure in any other thing. We fail in things because sometimes we are not ready for it completely or maybe sometimes it’s just a God’s plan for a better things to come in future. Sometimes we are so engrossed in thinking about the failure we faced that we don’t try to think of other things around us and we just focus on the failure we think about only the bad things that has happened to us. We feel like our world is falling apart, it’s not I say you. Failure is not something that you should be ashamed of. Failure is not something that should give you a feeling to end your life. Failure is not something that will put you down in front of others forever. There’s something which makes us stronger, which helps us to learn more and more. Failure is something that will be a turning point of your life. Overcoming Failure is tough for some people and some people just wants to make it up by thinking more and more of it. If you want to over come failure you need to first thing accept it. If you have failed in exam accept it. If you have failed in a relationship accept it. Then try to learn from that failure because everything happens for a reason so if you have failed in anything it means that you need to learn from it. Failure is like you were standing but you have fall down suddenly but that doesn’t mean that you will always sit down you need to make a strong come back again because Failure is a first step to success. You just have failed in one part of your life that doesn’t mean that you should focus on it everyday, you should overcome it and you should try to look at the positive things more and make your life better.

Balancing the emotions!

People say you to be happy all the time, isn’t it? They say ‘it’s okay’ ‘chill out’ ‘you are just overthinking’ and blah blah. And you agree to them easily right? But let me tell you something you’re a human being and God has given you so many emotions and you need to feel every emotion at some point of your life. Please understand, that a person can’t be happy all the time. You need to feel every emotion such as, anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, fear and many more. Don’t say sorry to anyone for feeling any of these emotions. You need to cry when you feel like. You need to get angry when you feel like. People who say you to be happy ‘all the time’ don’t understand what life is all about. But also, it’s not that you should be happy always or sad always. There should be a balance alright? Balance between good and bad. Balance between positive and negative. Balance between being happy and being sad. Life is all about balancing. Balance in your life doesn’t come as a supernatural power but it comes through practing everyday. Try to keep balance and maybe some day you will understand the true meaning of life.